Protect your search from the most dangerous keywords in the Web

Cybercriminals use popular search terms to unleash malicious software that can infect a computer and, in some cases, steal a user's identity, install the extension and secure your search

Protected Search

Highlight potentially malicious keywords in your Yahoo search results to remind you ahead of time.
Protect your search from cyberattacks
Automatically detect seemingly innocent but potentially malicious keywords
Highlight suspicious keywords from your search feed
Avoid entering cybersecurity traps

How does it work

Add the extension to your Chrome browser
We provide a safe download link from the official Chrome Web Store.
step 1
Where can I find the extension?
After installing the extension, open the extension list and pin the extension to keep it always on top of your browser.
step 2
How to activate it?
We request your proactive and affirmative user consent to activate the functionality of this extension by clicking "activate" on the drop-down menu.
step 3
Highlighted keywords
When you search with the extension active, potentially malicious keywords will be highlighted.
step 4


Many cyber criminals take advantage of people and lure them by seemingly innocent but potentially malicious keywords. We follow the list of the most common "keyword traps" and provide a kind reminder to prevent users from getting into their traps.

We request your proactive user consent to activate the extension by clicking the "activate" button on the drop-down menu of the extension, which can be accessed via the extension's icon.

Yes, it is a free Chrome browser extension which can be only found from the official Chrome Web Store.

The keywords highlight function can only be displayed on Yahoo search feed.

Please check out the uninstall page.